Getting Rid of Blackheads

23 February 2014

getting rid of blackheads 1 This evening’s topic is blackheads. Quite an unsavoury subject of conversation but one that needs to be addressed. After many years of suffering from the hideous black speckles on my nose, around the nostrils (vom) and on my chin, and fearing others would assume my hygiene levels were substandard, I’m glad to report I’m in a much better place now and they are all more or less gone from my life. Despite the claims of loads of products promising to get rid of blackheads, I can’t say my blackheady transformation was due to any specific product, but rather just learning to clean my damn face alongside using more specialised products.getting rid of blackheads 1
If you’re going to go through the more industrial route and don’t mind low to moderate pain levels, I’d highly recommend the Double Ended Blackhead Remover (£4, The Body Shop). You might have assumed this to be some sort of torture tool from the 1800s but it is in fact the most effective thing I’ve found to remove blackheads. Takes a little getting used to but gives instant results. In the same vein, we’ve got the infamous Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (7.99, Boots). Painful and a bit gross but you can see a substantial amount of blackheads left behind on the strip before your very eyes – satisfying. I try to use a clay-based mask once a week to help keep the little rascals from rearing their ugly heads (literally), like the Quick Fix Exfoliating Scrub Mask for Blackheads and Blocked Pores (£4.99, Boots). Despite its claims, it won’t remove blackheads but it will certainly help unblock your pores and smooth things out a bit. While we’re on the subject of masks, I love the occasional peel-off mask, such as the worringly named Tropical Cocktail Peel Off Mask (99p, Superdrug). Again, using it once won’t sort out stubborn blackheads but regular removal of dead skin will definitely help keep them at bay. Prevention is much better than cure, I learnt that the hard way.

If you’ve battled blackheads successfully do please let me know your tips, the more hideous the better!

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