Save, Spend or Splurge: Matte Brown Eyeshadow

30 April 2014

matte brown eyeshadows
How now friends? Today I’m talking about matte brown eyeshadows. WAIT! Before you click off in a fit of boredom and rage, let me fill you in on this seemingly dull product.

Personally, I love me a matte mid-brown eyeshadow and I have no shortage of them but there is also no shortage of uses! I use matte brown eyeshadow on my eyes (obviously), I use it to fill in my eyebrows and if I’m feeling especially bold, I use it to contour. I would be lost and ugly without it.

matte brown eyeshadowDepending on which way you’re inclined, there is a matte brown eyeshadow to suit every budget, here are my top picks.

SAVE: The unimaginatively named MUA Shade 19 is a mind boggling £1. ONE POUND. In all honesty, I was expecting this to be utter pants but it wasn’t. I’m not going to claim it’s the most pigmented eyeshadow on our sacred globe but it is one of my favourite things to use to fill in my eyebrows. It’s smooth, easy to work with, isn’t too heavy and the grey-ish tinge is the perfect hairy colour. Buy it, it’s ONE POUND.

SPEND: For mid-range budgets, I’d recommend Maybelline Eyestudio Mono Eyeshadow in Chocolate Chic. I swatched this in Boots and was taken aback by how smooth and buttery it was. At £4.09, it’s pretty pigmented and is the perfect shade for a brown smokey eye. I’ll definitely be picking up more colours.

SPLURGE: I never really hear many people talking about MAC Handwritten (probably because it’s the least exciting thing in the shop) BUT as you can see it’s by far the most pigmented, buttery and smooth of the bunch. It also hangs around on my eyelids longer which is a bonus but at £10 for the refill I would bloody expect so.

Left to right: MUA, Maybelline, MACmatte brown eyeshadow

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  • Yay matte browns! I currently use Mary Kay’s Espresso, which I use to fill in my eyebrows, to do eye make-up, to contour, and… welp, that’s about it I think. :P I’m gonna try the Maybelline one next.

    • Bee

      Yes, the humble matte brown is quite the multi-tasker.

      Don’t think we have Mary Kay in the UK…trying to figure out which country you’re in?

      • Oh, I’m in Moldova, it’s Eastern Europe. :-)

        I think Mary Kay UK exists. The domain does anyway. I don’t use their products much, though many folks I know love them. Got the shadow because my MUA teacher recommended it.