Empties #1

18 May 2014

emptiesI’m not sure how I feel about doing an Empties post as I don’t think anyone particularly wants to see my bruised and beaten empty bottles which might have seen better days. However, I realised that quite often, when I chuck something out, it’s chucked out of my memory too because something else usually takes over and I easily forget about the gems over time. Anyway let’s get started!

Dior Duo Express Instant Eye Makeup Remover, £21.50

I bought this in a moment of sales assistant pressure-induced madness. This is one of those bi-phase removers which is excellent and does what it promises. It’s slightly more effective than its cheaper alternatives, you need much less of it and it’s noticeably much less oily but do you need to spend five times more than normal for an eye makeup remover? In a nutshell, no.

Repurchase? No

L’Oreal Eye & Lip Absolute Make-Up Remover, £5.49

Another bi-phase eye makeup remover but with a price tag much less likely to give my mum a heart attack. It does what it says, although I did get through this a lot quicker than the Dior and it’s a bit oily but I can handle that. It’s usually on a ‘two for £5’ offer at Superdrug so weirdly it’s cheaper to buy two. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just heavily confused. Anyway, it’s a great staple, and although it’s not perfect, it proves that you don’t need to spend stupid amounts to get a bit of mascara off.

Repurchase? Yes

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Firming Night Cream, £14.99

Plumpy and surprisingly luxurious feeling, I really enjoyed using this. I can’t really decide if it did wonders for my skin (it MIGHT have been responsible for getting rid of my forehead wrinkle) but it was pleasant to use, the pump being a star feature. I used it almost every night for literally months on end so it ended up being a good little investment. There are far too many night creams I have on my list to try so this might be going on the back burner for a while but may well be revisited at a later date.

Repurchase? Maybe

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter, £13 for 200ml

Technically this wasn’t completely empty but it was beginning of smell a bit funky so I turfed it out along with the other empties. Satsuma is my all time favourite Body Shop scent and I’ve been through a couple more tubs of this in my time. The world and his wife had tried one of these body butters so I don’t need to tell you how good they are.

Repurchase? Yes

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash, £6.50

After the plethora of rave reviews I read about this, I succumbed to the peer pressure. The scent, I can confirm, is to die for. It really does make Monday mornings a bit less depressing and helps put me in a good mood. My only gripe was that it didn’t foam as much as I thought it would. I really do love a good lather and this just didn’t do it. But the smell alone alone is enough for a repurchase and it lasted a good a couple of months even with Mr TBL helping himself to it every day.

Repurchase? Yes

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