5 Beauty Favourites Under £5

5 June 2014

5 beauty products under £5I love a high-end beauty product as much as the next fool, but it would be senseless to overlook the saucily packed shelves of Boots and Superdrug. Although there are countless drugstore products I adore with all my beating heart, I thought I’d pick 5 under £5 for anyone whose bank balance is looking especially scanty. I’ve tried to choose products that aren’t often raved about (Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, I’m looking at you), in the hope you’ll discover something new.

Maybelline Master Drama Cream Khol Eyeliner Black, £4.49

This is my go-to black eyeliner I use in my waterline or to tight-line every single day. Occasionally I’ll use this to line my upper lid but it does have a cheeky habit of transferring if it’s not blended enough. I’ve always got one of these on the go and no longer feel the need to continuously and irresponsibly splash out on Urban Decay 24/7. Super black, creamy and long lasting – but keep the lid on it as it dries out quicker than Kim Kardashian’s marriages.

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish Aqua Cool, £4.49
My favourite thing about these nail polishes is the jumbo brush that fits perfectly against the nail bed, meaning you get a neat finish every time, no matter how cack-handed you are. The formula is on-point too and this grey-blue shade offers a classier take on summer pastels. It looks especially spectacular with silver jewellery.

Collection Blush & Highlight Strawberries & Cream, £4.19

One of my all-time favourite products is the humble Blush & Highlight. The cream blusher is subtle and the cream highlighter gives enough shine without being overly shimmery. Plus, the whole thing is tiny so perfect for my makeup bag which is fit to burst at any moment, much like my gut after I’ve gorged myself on delicious tiger loaf.

Boots Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow Crushed Walnut, £1.79

The Natural Collection stand in Boots is forever devoid of any life which I passionately believe is undeserved. They’ve got some smashing products at, quite frankly, mad prices. Crushed Walnut is easily overlooked but it is quite the genius in disguise. They grey-toned matte brown shade makes it PERFECT for contouring (it’s extremely similar to the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder when it’s on) and it’s also ideal for filling in eyebrows. And er, it’s an eyeshadow too! The best £1.79 I’ve ever spent.

MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss Happy Days, £1.00

Full review here. The level of gloss this offers makes me feel like quite the brazen wench. AND LOOK AT THAT PRICE. Who knew lipgloss was cheaper than literal chips? It’s much less sticky than you’d expect a £1 lipgloss to be and gives a subtle wash of colour that looks mightily glam on its own or over lipstick. The shimmer is undetectable but adds to the full-on gloss factor – I feel a bit like Jordan when I have this on, so maybe pass if you’re a shy and retiring type.

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