Morning Makeup Time Savers

17 June 2014

makeup time saversDespite my mammoth 10-hour sleeps of recent times, I really struggle to drag myself out of my pit in the mornings but today was on a whole new level. I had exactly seven minutes to do my face and I was forced to cut corners, however my face ended up looking much the same as when I spend half an hour doing it…what gives? To celebrate this merry achievement, I’m giving you the tips you need to get your face on in record time.

Forget the creamy moisturiser, primer and foundation, and put down the trowel, little one. The key to time saving is to use products that serve more than one function. Nivea Daily Essentials Hydration Primer (review here) is a moisturiser and primer in one and dries quicker than Kerry Katona’s bank account. Next, you want to use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with SPF as your base. I’ve been reaching for Benefit The Big Easy (review here) as it’s got sun protection, it blends in easily and quickly with fingers and the liquid-to-powder formula means I can skip the powder, shaving vital seconds off the morning routine. To hide dark circles quickly, I use a creamy concealer a couple of shades lighter than my skin tone and bring it down towards my cheekbones to highlight my face at the same time. If I’ve got time I’ll quickly swirl on some bronzer but on mornings like today, quite frankly I have better things to do.

Not compulsory for everyone but for me they’re a must. I feel they require most attention to detail so after I’ve done my base I always do my eyebrows to save time later on. I also feel better about myself when they’ve been filled in, fuelling me to go on with the rest of my face. There’s no time for eyeshadow and an angled brush so it’s pencil or pen at this stage. When I’m rushed I can make do with the felt tip on the Soap & Glory Archery eyebrow pen which is subtle enough to not make any mistakes too noticeable.

Let’s face it, you won’t be able to recreate your finest Kim Kardashian smoky eye but you can make yourself look a bit more done. Don’t even think about doing any crease work, you will 100% mess up in your rushed state and will simply waste time. Multi-dimensional, neutral eyeshadows are your friend here – they give the illusion of a contoured eye when all you’ve done is rubbed on a bit of product. Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze blended onto eyelids with your fingers is optimum in these situations and the gel formula and muted colour means it’s simply impossible to go wrong. A bit of mascara and you’re done with the eyes!

All you need here is a neutral pink gloss – do not try and perfect a matte lip at this stage, it’ll only end in tears and stains. Surprisingly, I’ve been loving MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in Happy Days (review here) which adds shine, volume and just a hint of colour.

There you have it, this should take you between five and ten minutes, unless you attempt too much and it all goes horribly wrong. Do let me know if you have any more tips that will enable me to have another few minutes in my snuggly duvet-cave!

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