Blue Eyeliner for Wimps

22 July 2014

blue eyeliner for wimpsNormally, the words ‘blue eyeliner’ would make me run for the hills and never look back. But ever since discovering the perfect shade, blue eye makeup no longer transports me back to the days of the Babyliss Crimping Trio and spending my pocket money on Miss Sporty liners hard enough to rip myself a new eye socket.

I saw Nicole Scherzinger on the old tellybobs last year sporting a fantastic blue eyeliner in her waterline and that’s when I cracked it. Going for a darker blue or navy rather than a turquoise pencil makes you look less Pat Butcher before the cancer got to her pancreas and more sexy and subtle Pussycat eyeliner for wimps blue eyeliner for wimps 3 I didn’t go for anything fancy, rather, I paid a visit to Mr Barry M and went for the Kohl Pencil in the somewhat clinically named ‘KP4’ which is a very slightly metallic dark blue. It’s not the softest kohl I’ve ever used but it does the job and really, for £1.99 who am I to grumble?
blue eyeliner for wimps
Hopefully you can rejoice in the wearability of this look as much as I’ve been. Or perhaps you’ve discovered other coloured pencils for people who don’t like coloured pencils? Let me know if you give this look a thumbs up.

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