Motivational Monday #1

28 July 2014


Unlike most, the summer breeds an intense laziness within me and my podgy flesh. I have a strong suspicion I’ve put on the stone I lost last winter and my size 10s are making me feel like a stringed beef joint. Unsurprisingly I just don’t feel all that fabulous. During the past six months, I’ve done hardly any exercise and tried every diet going instead but it just doesn’t work. When I lost weight last year, I was in the gym by 7am Monday to Friday and watching what I ate like a hawk. I’d slack off a little in the weekends but made sure I did plenty of walking or a run and didn’t eat half my body weight in Ben & Jerry’s. It sounds intense, but looking back, I felt great and looked better, and I need to get it back!

I’m one of those people who needs some kind of incentive to get my fat ass into gear, and last year that was being a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding. After that I massively fell off the wagon. This year, I got engaged, and you’d think my impending wedding would instil a bit of panic, but no! I’m guessing it’s the lack of a wedding date even though at this rate I know it’ll be a last minute job so I need to get rid of the jiggle ASAP!

I’m hoping that by sharing my journey back on the metaphorical horse with you guys, I’ll try harder. I’d much rather get back in the gym than be embarrassed by my failure!

I’m going to start by having a quick run down to the gym this evening and signing myself up. I’ve also got a big Tesco food shop coming today so I’m going to prep some healthy meals and snacks for the week. If you’re interested in any more details leave a comment. If you’re not, I’m going to tell you anyway ;)

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  • Oh, I’m interested!

    • Bee

      An audience of just one is enough to keep me going, thank you!