Lush Haul

15 August 2014

lush haul

Since re-embarking upon the fitness ship, I’ve been bathing more to help soothe my weary muscles. Good ol’ Radox has had to take a back seat and make way for something a bit more exotic. I popped into Lush to stock up on a few things, and this is what I got.

Pop in the Bath bath melt, £2.95

I’ve already used this one and it was surprisingly bubbly. It comes in a few colours but I think they’re all the same scent. It was fresh and citrusy and smelled like sweets. It turned the bath water into some kind of moisturising magic liquid which was thoroughly enjoyable.

Avobath bath bomb, £3.25

The infamous bath bomb. This avocado, lemongrass and bergamot concoction is recommended for use in the morning but who the hell has time for a splash in the bath in the morning?! I certainly don’t. Could be a good post-gym option.

A French Kiss bath melt, £4.25

How delightful is this little meringue? It’s packed with lavender so will make quite the bedtime bath treat. The prettiest of the bunch, I’m so excited to use it.

Tender is the Night massage bar, £6.50

When Mr TBL treats me to a home massage, usually we don’t have the oils and have to resort to moisturiser. As you can imagine, moisturiser sinks into skin far too quickly, making the whole thing less romantic and more a cocktail of friction and frustration. I saw this gorgeous-smelling massage bar and thought it would make his life easier. I’ll get him to work as soon as I can.

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