Review: Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser

25 September 2014

beauty blender solid cleanser reviewI was milling around Oxford Street a couple of days ago, killing time before an appointment and got dangerously close to Selfridges. So, being aware of the potential detrimental effects on my honeymoon savings account, I turned on my heel and scuttled in the opposite direction, saving myself vital pounds. DID I HECK. I hurled myself into the revolving doors and spent some dolla.

I’d recently discovered that Selfridges stocks the Beauty Blender so I went in ‘just for a look’, knowing full well I was not leaving empty handed. Five minutes later, I was handing over my debit card in exchange for the famous pink sponge and its solid cleanser counterpart.

On first impressions, I’m loving both items but the solid cleanser has blown me away and I felt an urgent need to write this review. At the risk of sounding like – quite frankly – a total skank, I can go weeks upon weeks without washing my makeup brushes. Call me what you will but I find the whole process soul destroying and futile – my brushes are never completely clean and my skin never really suffers. Famous last words. HOWEVER the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser has revolutionised my life. In the past two days, I’ve cleaned my most used makeup brushes twice, as well as the Beauty Blender. “What makes this cleanser so full of wonder and joy?” I hear you ask. Chill Bill, I’ll tell you.

After wetting my makeup brush under the tap, I swirled it into the solid cleanser, building up a luxurious and fabulous lather. I did this for 10-15 seconds and rinsed under the tap. And by Jove, the brush looked good as new. After drying, the brush felt soft and free of residue, which is a problem I always have when using more laborious cleaning processes. The cleanser contains glycerine and aloe which I’m guessing lend to the conditioning effects, and it’s lavender scented, making the cleansing process all the more…sensual.

The original Beauty Blender cleanser is a liquid which I haven’t tried and doubt I will. The whole point of the travel-friendly solid is its criminally easy use which actually makes brush cleaning fun. I managed to get through cleaning about 20 makeup brushes in less than five minutes. Huzzah!

(I’ve literally just found out there’s a little drying rack inside the pot to set the Beauty Blender on as it dries – double huzzah!)

Some might say it’s a bit pricey for what is essentially a bar of soap but I’d happily pay £20 for it. You may think it’s just a gimmick but I promise you, this stuff is quite possibly a thing of sorcery.

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser is available at Selfridges for £13.

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  • *want*

    • Bee

      I think you mean ‘need’!!!! x

  • Rachel

    I have this and a beauty blender. It has transformed my brushes, sponges and my face! :)

    • Bee

      It’s brilliant isn’t it?! I actually look forward to brush cleaning now!