Review: The Makeup Eraser

28 April 2016

eraser 2eraser 3eraserHola chappies! Does anyone else get sucked in by that shelf in Boots displaying the ‘new in’ products? Well, a few weeks ago I was languishing in the snail-pace queue of probably one of the very worst branches of Boots in London and noticed the infamous Makeup Eraser. For those of you unfamiliar with matters of overpriced pink cloths, the Makeup Eraser claims to remove all your makeup with just water. No cleanser, no oil, nada. Needless to say I was sceptical but I’ll give anything a try if it means simplifying my nightly routine.

On first impressions, the Makeup Eraser is very soft and fleecy. There doesn’t appear to be any magical properties to it, but you do have to wash it before first use (I ignored this instruction at first but got a lot of lint in my eyes, causing temporary blindness so I wouldn’t recommend skipping this step). Now, on a regular day I wear some kind of base product, concealer, brow pomade, eyehsadow, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara (non-waterproof) and lipstick – which is what I have on in the ‘before’ photo. So, as per the instructions, I soaked the Makeup Eraser with warm water and proceeded to wipe the makeup off my face. This is where the disappointment began.

The Makeup Eraser doesn’t seem to get fully wet, if you know what I mean? It almost feels like it’s coated in some kind of teflon or water repellent. It does eventually get wet but not soaked like a flannel would. Anyway, I carried on wiping my face and the base makeup came off easily enough, but the cloth REALLY struggled with my eye makeup. I had to really rub hard to get anything removed, thus tugging my skin. Things weren’t helped by the weird dry-but-wet texture of the cloth so it didn’t really glide. The makeup removal process was already taking way longer than I’d have liked so I called it a day. You can see from the’after’ photo that there’s still a copious amount of eyeliner around. In fairness, it removed my mascara pretty well so I’ll give it that.

Another issue I had was that I found the Makeup Eraser too soft. Personally I like the gentle abrasiveness of a cotton flannel to help my face feel really clean. My face just felt a bit grubby after using this, sadly. But, if you have sensitive skin you might like the softness.

The Makeup Eraser does wash extremely well, and you don’t get left with those murky stains that flannels get permanently riddled with. But, at £16.50, I was hoping for more than just an easy-to-clean cloth. It has since been relegated to my pile of flannels and I occasionally use it with a cleanser, but to be honest I almost always reach for a humble Asda flannel.

Apologies for being a Debbie Downer with this one, but do let me know if you like it or I’m just using it completely wrong. Surely I am?!

The Makeup Eraser is available at Boots and costs £16.50.

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  • Such an, honest review! I couldn’t tell where this was going until I read the line ‘and this is where the disappointment’ began and i had a little giggle at that. It seems quite overpriced for something so basic! I would personally use this with a cream cleanser or something like that, especially as you said it’s so soft.

    Tia |

    • Bee

      Haha yes, disappointment was rife that evening! I’d save my pennies if I were you, especially as you’re on a budget at the moment! x

  • Charlotte

    It’s literally a flannel isn’t it by the way you described and spoke about it?!
    Charlotte //

    • Bee

      Yeah pretty much, but I’ll be sticking to actual flannels! x

  • Oh no what a shame! I’ve been dying to try it, but perhaps I wont now! xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    • Bee

      I was actually baffled as there are so many good reviews for it – I’m convinced I must be doing something wrong! x