Review: Irresistible Me Silky Touch Hair Extensions

17 October 2016

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As some of you may be aware, I’m having a bit of a hair moment (which explains my recent high end hair products splurge). Does this happen to anyone else? Sometimes I’m obsessed with makeup, sometimes it’s clothes, sometimes skincare, but for now it’s been hair.

Anyway, for the last ten years or so I’ve dabbled in hair extensions. I’ve had sewn-in weaves before, as well as countless amounts of clip-ins. While I do love the way a weave makes you feel super glamorous and put-together even when you’ve just rolled out of bed, I do hate the high maintenance aspect of it. And when you’re lazy like me, that is a one-way road to greasy, matted roots. And that’s why clip-ins are so great – you get a similar effect but at the end of the night, you can take them out and carry on with your regular hair care routine.

I recently tried out the Silky Touch clip-ins from Irresistible Me*. They’re made from 100% remy human hair, and I chose mine in Natural Black in the 22″ length. If you’re like me and usually buy your hair from an actual store, you might be a bit concerned about the colour and texture match, which is why I loved the little test section of hair that is included in the box, which lets you try it against your own hair without opening the main pack. I must say, the colour was an absolutely perfect match for me, and the texture wasn’t too dissimilar to my own. My hair is very thick so sometimes I find some brands too fine for me – but these I can definitely work with. The ends are nicely tapered too so an even more natural effect. Even more handily, the hair comes in lots of differently-sized pieces – there’s a main 4-clip piece then a selection of 1-clip, 2-clip and 3-clip pieces so you can really customise your look and create the most natural effect.

As you can see, my natural hair isn’t exactly short, but the hair extensions add so much more volume and body, meaning extensions can still be useful if you’re less bothered about length. I think they look pretty natural – my husband commented my hair was looking nice but had no idea I was wearing extensions. I found them pretty comfy to wear all day but one thing I’d suggest is to keep a small paddle brush in your handbag. The ends did get a bit piecey throughout the day, but a quick brush through them every so often sorts them out. I got a little bit of shedding, but definitely no more than normal – I’ve had more expensive brands that have shedded a lot more.

All in all, I love the Irresistible Me hair extensions. And for the price, the quality can’t be faulted. I’d definitely recommend them, especially if you can’t be dealing with the trimming of shop-bought hair and sewing on the clips yourself.

Let me know what you think! Does anyone else ever dabble with hair clip-ins?

*Product sent for review

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  • Carina Vardie

    The extensions look great and they blend beautifully with your natural hair.


  • You look gorgeous and they blend so well!!

    Parie x