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Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

3 August 2014

garnier miracle skin cream before after
If you’re in the UK you’ll probably know how sweltering it’s been recently. Other than lying on the floor in my pants and being surgically attached to any ice-based foodstuff, there’s not been a lot I’ve felt like doing. Trowelling on layers of heavy foundation certainly isn’t on my list of priorities right now so I’ve been opting for lighter bases, and last week I bought the Miracle Skin Cream from Garnier as I’d heard good things.
garnier miracle skin cream
Garnier Miracle Skin Cream is supposed to be an instant skin transformer, making it look more even and firmer, etc etc. It’s also meant to be full of anti-ageing properties, although that remains to be seen. It also comes with SPF20 which is just as well as I almost always forget to put sunscreen on until it’s too late.

It comes out of the tube as a thick-ish yellow toned cream with little beads that burst with a slight tint when you rub it onto the skin – you know the ones. It’s meant to be self adjusting to every skin colour which is usually a pretty tall order. I found that the colour was fine for me, although it did make my face look a tiny, tiny bit lighter but that could just be the brightening effect. It’s super easy to put on and blends in quickly. I must say, that I absolutely love the results. It doesn’t drastically change my skin but it does even things out a little bit, especially around my somewhat ruddy cheeks. It feels fresh and light, and I just feel like it makes my skin look glowing and natural. I usually wear this on its own but it works well under makeup as it makes my skin SO smooth and soft. You can see from the before and after photos what I mean, the results are subtle but pleasant.
garnier miracle skin cream review
The only issue someone might have with Garnier Miracle Skin Cream is the colour. I’m guessing anyone much darker than me won’t like this, it might make your skin look a bit odd. Similarly, anyone with very pale skin might find it’s too dark or orange.

All in all, this is a great one for summer and has replaced my Benefit Big Easy (review here) and Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser this past week. If you’ve got good skin to begin with, you will love Garnier Miracle Skin Cream as a base, it’s so effortless!

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream is available at Boots for £12.99 but is currently on sale for a much more enticing £8.99!

Review: Benefit The Big Easy

4 June 2014

benefit big easy reviewI promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more ‘big’ beauty products this month but I was in Duty Free in Heathrow last week and out of sheer boredom came away with, you could say, the biggest of them all: The Big Easy by Benefit.

I’d read more reviews than Kerry Katona has had cheating husbands and came to the conclusion that The Big Easy is best suited to oily gals and not skin that resembles Grade 40 sandpaper like mine. However I was feeling loose with my worryingly limited funds and like a scarlet woman I handed over my card.benefit big easy review

Benefit The Big Easy is described as being a light to medium natural coverage complexion perfector. It claims to balance moisture and control oil, melting into the skin and giving a powder finish. It has lovely skincare properties too like a generous SPF of 35 and abilities to soothe the skin and fight free radicals. All in all, sounds like quite the wonder product, non?

As you probably know by now, my skin is on the dry, rough side and I don’t really suffer from oiliness except on my hooter which acts as some kind of beacon so understandably, I was concerned The Big Easy would be hell on earth (or face) despite the rave reviews of other beauty fiends, but as usual I was proved wrong.benefit big easy review
The product comes in a squeezy tube (big thumbs up from me) and is quite thick so prior moisturisation is a must. I use my fingers to really work it into my skin and finish off with a buffing brush to encourage a flawless finish. Surprisingly, it was love at first troweling. It blends in easily and smoothly, and leaves my skin soft and velvety. It also provides more coverage than I was expecting and smooths out my somewhat ruddy complexion. It didn’t feel at all drying even on my dry skin and kept the shine on my nose at bay all day. I typically put this on at 8am and it’s still more or less there when I take it off in the evening. As long as you moisturise well beforehand, you shouldn’t experience any flaking on dry patches. I was concerned the ‘beige’ tone would be too pink for my yellow-toned skin but it adapts really well and doesn’t look like I’ve dipped my face into cigarette ash.

Once it’s on I feel like my skin looks almost too flawless (you can’t bloody please some people, eh?) so I feel a quick contour is needed to add some dimension back into my pancake face. This is a winning combo and looks absolutely smashing.benefit big easy reviewYou can probably see from the photo above that the wrinkles on my forehead are reduced, the shine on the tip of my nose has buggered off, my dark circles are less offensive and my skin tone is more even. When I put the rest of my makeup on, I didn’t even bother with concealer as The Big Easy seemed to do a good enough job on its own.benefit big easy review

The only downside to The Big Easy is the shade range (although the six-shade offering is quite generous for a BB cream). Mine is in the shade Deep Beige and is the darkest available, so anyone darker than me is sadly not catered for which makes me increasingly infuriated.

I hate to end on a sour note especially when I truly love this with a ravenous hunger that cannot be quashed, so I’ll say this: The Big Easy really is a big easy choice. I’ve been using this nearly every day and can see it being a godsend on the sweaty days of summer – it truly is addictive.

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