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January 2014 Favourites

4 February 2014

january favouritesHello friends! Welcome to my first monthly favourites. Shall we get on with it?

Let’s ‘dive’ straight in with China Glaze Hey Sailor which, I believe came out three years ago as part of the Anchors Away collection. Well I can safely say this sailor missed the boat the first time round and ‘reeled’ it in some time last year. I’d never actually used it until last week; I usually swoop in for the garish neon yellow and the like. Anyway I fancied a bit of red and my Barry M one had taken on an unsavoury blood clot texture and I found Hey Sailor lurking in the back. It applied like a dream, and unlike other China Glaze varnishes I have which chip at, quite frankly, an alarming rate, this DID NOT CHIP. The photo you see below is how much my claws have grown since I painted them (NINE DAYS AGO) and chuffing Nora, there only chips I see are in my fish supper.china glaze hey sailorNext is L’Oreal Super Liner in black. I’d had enough of Rimmel Glam’Eyes dissolving into my corneas a nanosecond after application so I finally decided to branch out. I like this L’Oreal lot, it’s much easier to control and when I inevitably make a mistake, it saves me throwing a wobbly and taking it all off. Act quickly enough and you can wipe off the wonky bits with your finger. Plus it lasts an eternity on the eyes. I literally went for a run with my makeup on, upwind, into heavy rain and this eyeliner was the only thing left on my soaking wet face by the time I got home.l'oreal super linerl'oreal super linerI’d been searching high and low for a nude matte lipstick; the right formula and shade are so hard to come by. Nudes are always too peach and give me that stripper look while mattes are hard to pull off – unless you have lips made of butter, they can all too easily look like athlete’s foot on your mouth. Not Mehr by MAC. Shade wise, it is the perfect nude for darker complexions and isn’t too light. Plus its smooth, opaque formula is what creamy dreams are made of.
mac mehrI’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen about my love affair with Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash from Sanctuary Spa. I’ve been using this daily for a couple of months now and my skin is looking amazing. So amazing in fact that I don’t bother with foundation most days. This might have something to do with the fact that I’ve started actually washing my face with hot water and a flannel rather than relying on the devil’s cleanser that is face wipes. This face wash takes off all my makeup, and I can ever rub it into my eyelashes with minimum discomfort, leaving behind absolutely smashing skin. I’ve never touched a baby’s bottom but now I don’t need to.sanctuary fresh faced purifying wash
I’ve saved the most boring (yet essential) product until last – Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover. It’s a scientific fact that every time I want to take my nail varnish off, I can’t find the required equipment. Twisting your digit into a damp and spongy hole might seem a little louche, this little pot of joy makes the laborious nail varnish removal process extremely easy to do.bourjois 1 second nail polish removerSo there we have it, my January favourites. Let’s hope February brings even more beauty filled pleasure!

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