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Review: Rimmel 3D Plumping Topcoat

25 October 2013

I’ve got a mild case of non-specific Sunday dread so I thought doing a post before bed might cheer me up a little. I recently went into Boots to buy a new topcoat (I ended up with a haul) as all my half-used bottle of Seche Vite have dried up and turned all sad and gloopy. I’m planning on getting myself down to Peckham when I can be bothered as there is a fantastic little-known nail shop that does Seche Vite at bargainous prices.
rimmel 3d topcoat review
Anyway, I spent an unhealthy amount of time in Boots looking at topcoats. I’m sure the security man was following me, I must have one of those shifty faces. In the end I opted for the Rimmel Finishing Touch 3D Plumping Topcoat, priced at £4.49. I tried it with the notoriously fast-chipping China Glaze neon polish in Purple Pink – an amazing neon pink that always gets plenty of compliments – to put it to the test.
rimmel 3d topcoat review
rimmel 3d topcoat review
I painted on a layer of the Rimmel topcoat on top of the China Glaze as soon as it dried. Maybe I’m just too used to the Seche Vite but I found this too slow to dry, and it stayed tacky for a good few minutes. Nevertheless, I persevered and added a second coat to get this “3D Plumping” effect they speak of. And to be honest, I didn’t really see it. Once completely dry, it seemed to lose a lot of its gloss too.
rimmel 3d topcoat review
Within a day, my nails were horribly chipped but this was probably down to the China Glaze. I’ve since used the Rimmel 3D Plumping Topcoat with a KIKO nail varnish and it did a much better job. But again, there was a lack of long-lasting gloss.


  • Wide brush means each nail only needs one stroke
  • Good consistency
  • Fab packaging


  • Not particularly plumping
  • Not fast-drying
  • Doesn’t stay very glossy

Verdict: Fine as a bog-standard topcoat if you’re using a decent nail varnish to begin with. However, if you’re used to Seche Vite, this won’t be a contender. Sadly won’t be repurchasing but will use it as a back-up.

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