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Review: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer Riot

25 April 2014

sexy mother pucker riot
Soap & Glory is one of those brands that I love with a fiery passion. There’s something about literally everything they bring out that gets me all hot under the collar, a bit like a black labrador on a warm summer’s day. I must say I tend to dabble in their skin and body care more than their makeup but I was sent their Sexy Mother Pucker to review in the shade Riot*. My first ever S&G product many moons ago was actually one of these cheekily named lip glosses but I had no idea they’d brought them out in the lacquer editions – I must have slept through the memo.sexy mother pucker riot
Anyway, Riot is a proper, wham-bam-thank-you-mam kind of red. The kind of blue-toned red that makes teeth look a little whiter and makes you feel awfully glam even when you’re in a hoody covered in cat hair. Personally, unless the mood takes me, I’m usually not a gloss kind of gal. The finish of this is SUPER glossy, my lips looked like Britney Spears’ bum cheeks in her catsuit, which I can only assume is a good thing. Colour pay off is insane, it’s opaque and by far the most pigmented lipgloss I own. The texture is quite sticky but show me any opaque and glossy liquid lipstick that isn’t and I’ll eat my hat. Scent-wise, it’s classic S&G so if you like chocolate (never trust anyone who says they don’t like chocolate. Or potatoes) you’ll be all over this like a limpet on a rock.sexy mother pucker riot
Sexy Mother Pucker’s application method is with a standard doe foot applicator however, as you can probably see from the photo, it’s not tapered which some of you more cack-handed beauty lovers may find somewhat awkward to use. I found the best way to apply this was to use the applicator to cover the bulk of my lips and finish off the edges with a small brush, but this is what I tend to do with any bold lipstick. In my photos, I have applied merely ONE coat, and I think you’ll agree, friends, that is all you need. I’m always a bit wary of such colours as there’s nowhere to hide, plus my mouth is weirdly small for my already pea-sized head. I don’t know how much this lipgloss made my mouth look less deformed, and I didn’t even use any lip liner to cheat. sexy mother pucker riot
To really put Sexy Mother Pucker under crippling pressure, I guzzled down a bottle of water, and judging by the amount of transfer, I expected to have nothing left on my lips but lo and behold, it still looked as good as it did on application – I don’t know how they do it but I am impressed. A couple of hours later I ate dinner and the lipgloss and this is what did the most damage. It had definitely worn away by this point but it hadn’t disappeared completely. Instead it had left a nice sheer colour on my lips without any tacky outline. It looked and felt like a tinted lip balm and my lips felt moist and juicy well into the bedtime.
sexy mother pucker riot
To be honest I didn’t think this would be for me but I was pleasantly surprised, and I like what it did to my face. The colour seems to work nicely with my skin tone and the finish is undoubtedly glamorous – perfect for pulling your face together when you haven’t bothered with much other makeup. If you’re not into lipglosses you might find Sexy Mother Pucker lip lacquers a bit of a handful but otherwise these are amazing in terms of pigmentation, opacity and gloss factor.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer in Riot is available for £7 at Boots.

*PR Sample

Review: Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful CC Superfluid

10 March 2014

soap and glory cc cream review before afterHave you ever walked into Boots, saw something in shiny packaging and had the overwhelming feeling that if you don’t buy it you’re going to keel over and die? That’s what happened to me last week when I saw the new Soap & Glory CC Superfluid. I was mesmerised by words like “LIGHTSCRAMBLING SUPERBLUR MICROMESH” and I had no idea what they meant but I knew I had to have it. I was also heavily influenced by the rave reviews the Make Yourself Youthful range has garnered recently so into the basket it went.soap and glory cc cream reviewsoap and glory cc cream reviewIf you’re wondering what the CC Superfluid actually is, you’ve come to the right place my fair friends.  It’s a tinted CC cream that blurs imperfections, illuminates and evens skin tone, and has the added benefits of SPF 15, vitamin C, antioxidants and glycerin – crikey. It comes in a handy pump with an even handier window so you can see when you’re due a replacement if your heart so desires.

The first time I used this I was taken by surprise and almost ended up with product all over the place but my ninja reflexes caught it in time. This stuff is seriously a runny bunny, perhaps similar in consistency to L’Oreal Eau de Teint if you’re au fait with that slippery customer. However, this questionable consistency simply makes it easier to slap on and I didn’t find any need to faff around with a brush, my fingers did a damn fine job.soap and glory cc cream reviewNow, I don’t want to get ahead of myself as it’s early days but I freakin’ love this wonder-fluid, or superfluid, whatever its damn name is. You’ll see from the before and after photos that it’s nothing like a foundation as it virtually undetectable BUT take a look at the reduced dark circles and the natural glow on the cheeks. You’ll also see it’s enough to cover the various lumpies on my forehead too. Trust me, the photos don’t do this stuff justice.soap and glory cc cream reviewSoap & Glory CC Superfluid isn’t one for those who like a heavy coverage but if you want something light and easy for daytime which evens things out and brighten up your ruddy complexion this is the one. As for wear time, I’m the worst person to ask as I don’t tend to touch up during the day (except for lip products). Probably a combination of ignorance and laziness but I don’t notice my bags rearing their ugly heads throughout the day when I have this on.

Before you get too excited, heed this warning – it only comes in two shades, A Good Light and Nude Peach. HOWEVER. Every cloud… When it comes to drugstore products, you can bet your granny the darkest shade will still be too light for me and I’m by no means the darkest on the block BUT the shade Nude Peach works for me perfectly. This leads me to believe that unless you’re very fair or a bit darker than I am (MAC NC42 for reference) one of these shades will adapt to your skin tone.

Soap & Glory CC Superfluid is available at Boots for £14

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