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February 2014 Favourites

4 March 2014

Happy March pals, we’re on the home straight to summer! It’s been relentlessly wet, cold and windy in the UK for what seems like a decade, meaning I have been forced to hibernate under the duvet for the majority of 2014. Sadly, I just haven’t been bothered with wearing that much makeup. However, my lazy attitude has paved the way for skincare, meaning my skin has been looking fabulous, if I do say so myself. So, on with the February favourites.february beauty favourites

Una Brennan Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser (£16.99, Boots)

This has been pretty much the only day cream I’ve used since I bought it a couple of months ago. Just like the rest of the Una Brennan Vitamin C+ range, the best thing about it is the divine smell. If you’re a fan of the Origins GinZing moisturiser, or indeed, the Body Shop Satsuma range, you will love this. It’s so refreshing, it quickly absorbs and brightens my complexion – perfect for the morning.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Barcelona (£31, Space.NK)

I bought this last summer, used it a couple of times, realised I was colour-matched incorrectly and relegated it to the drawer of stuff I don’t use. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be Syracuse but over winter I felt sufficiently pale enough to give Barcelona a second chance. Still not exactly right but I’ve fallen in love with it. On the days when I have bothered with foundation this month, this has been the one I’ve slapped on. I’m wearing it in this FOTD – need I say more?

Olay Total Effects Night Firming Moisturiser (£14.99, Boots)

I love the juicy, plumpy feeling this gives. Has that retro scent from days of yonder which reminds me of mums. Great pump, easy absorption and all round do-gooder. It glides on beautifully and my mug is still satisfyingly moist in the morning.

Champneys Spa Skin Super Rich Cleansing Balm (£13, Boots)

I know this might make me look like a scumbag in the eyes of other beauty bloggers but this is the first cleansing balm I’ve ever used. I read Caroline Hirons’ review on this and I was sold. It melts into a glorious oil upon contact with the face and gets rid of all traces of makeup. It is slightly exfoliating so I’d avoid scrubbing this into the eyes – unless you have masochistic tendencies, then be my guest. Read my full review here.

MUA Intense Glitter Eyeliner, Malt Chocolate (£1, Superdrug)

I’m usually a bit sceptical of budget eyeliners as they tend to leave agonising shards of debris in my eye. Now, the MUA eyeliners are not exactly creamy but they’re certainly not the worst I’ve tried. This stayed put all day and can be blended slightly. And at oneEnglish pound you’d be mad to overlook these. I’ve been weaning myself off heavy black kohl and have been using this delightful slightly metallic brown during the day instead. The little glitter bits aren’t too over the top, making this acceptable for the office.

Review: Una Brennan Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask

21 January 2014

una brennan super facialist clay mask reviewI’m currently sitting on the sofa watching EastEnders and getting increasingly frustrated with every single character. How come Cindy managed to get away with stealing Phil’s thousands? She needs to be taught a lesson! Before I give myself an aneurysm, let me get started with today’s post.

I stumbled across the Una Brennan range in Boots a few months ago and I spent quite a while perusing the stand, having great difficulty trying to choose just one product – everything is so nicely packaged so you end up wanting everything. I went with the Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask seeing as I’m on this mad quest to achieve flawless skin. I was drawn to exciting words like kaolin, honey, salicylic acid and avocado oil. At the time of purchase I was actually on the look out for a kaolin-based face mask to help unblock my pores so was pleased to see this. Also, the squeezy tube was a bonus, we don’t want those grubby fingers digging into big old pots do we?
una brennan super facialist clay mask reviewuna brennan super facialist clay mask review
I’m generally a pretty lazy person and don’t bother with face masks as often as I should, especially clay ones. I always find them a massive pain in the bottom to remove and the mere thought of this messy business puts me off. However, I was delighted to find that the Una Brennan clay mask’s consistency was a lot thinner, a bit like a thick moisturiser, with the tiniest little particles mixed through (I’m assuming this is the silt). It’s super easy to apply, and takes mere seconds. The instructions say to leave it on for five minutes but I did 15. I always leave everything on for way longer than suggested, you know, to give it something to aim for. When I’ve had enough, I take hot, damp flannel and wipe it all off (very easily), giving my face a quick rinse to finish off.

The results are pretty good. I’m not great at objectively assessing any change but I genuinely notice my skin being brighter (and temporarily lighter) each time I use it. Even Mr TBL commented on how smooth my face looked (even without being prompted) last time I used this. And I have to admit, I can’t stop touching my face after I’ve had this mask on. It is a little drying but that’s to be expected what with the salicylic acid. If you’ve got oily skin, you’ll love this and its mattifying effect. If you have quite dry skin like me, you’ll want to follow up with a rich moisturiser or just stick to the T-zone.

Overall, a very nice and easy to use face mask that gets rid of any excess oil and helps to unclog pores. I’ve definitely used more effective treatments but for the price, this is a fantastic buy and looks and feels like it should be more expensive. A lovely one for your bathroom shelf,

Una Brennan Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask is £8.99 from Boots.

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