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Beauty Tip: The Perfect Winged Liner Combo

15 May 2014

winged liner tipsFor years, I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect eyeliner combination and I’m excited to say I have finally found it. If you like the smoothness of liquid liner but hate the mess, like the intense staying power of gel liner but can’t find the right brush, or if you like the ease of felt-tip liners but don’t like the dragging you get after the first few uses, you will adore this combo.

I stumbled upon this method completely by accident after my L’Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim ran out of juice. I’d had it a couple of months, and while I liked it, it very quickly became a bit too dry. The liner wasn’t as intense as I’d like and I had to go back over the line to get a bolder finish and it really lacked the gliding consistency that eases the process of winged liner. I then reached for the Maybelline gel liner pot but I was struggling to use any suitable brushes. I needed a very slim nib but the hairs on my precision liner brushes were splaying and made the whole thing a bit messy.winged liner tipsI was going to chuck away the defunct L’Oreal Superliner but had the genius idea of dipping it into the Maybelline gel liner and using it as a brush instead. Oh my golly gosh, it was the perfect combo. The nib is perfect, long and pointed so you can get your line as thin or thick as your dreams desire. It’s stiff enough so it doesn’t flop all over the shop, staying where you need it but has enough give to glide effortlessly along the lash line. The gel liner is creamy, intense and thick enough so you don’t get the dreaded print on your eyelid, which is usually liquid liner’s crime. Plus the staying power is unlike anything else I’ve used. Since discovering this devastatingly glorious combo, I’ve not once messed up my winged liner even when I’ve been in a rush. These two really are the perfect winged liner combo – if you have a similar felt-tip eyeliner on its last legs, I implore you try this dreamy duo!

Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

27 February 2014

It’s taken me an actual decade to perfect my winged liner technique but it turns out I could have saved myself years of frustration if only I’d found Charlotte Tilbury’s bloody tutorial sooner. I’ve broken down the process into easy-to-follow steps that are so easy even your cat could do it. I used Rimmel Glam’Eyes liquid liner here but you can use any thin-nibbed liner of your choosing. Scroll down for the instructions if you need to but I’m pretty sure you’ll be just fine.
winged liner tutorial
1. You can wear a winged liner look either with full eye makeup or on its own – the world is your oyster. I like to wear it by itself mainly because I’m usually in too much of a hurry to do anything else.

2. ¬†Use the bottom line as your guide, and imagine a line running parallel against it. This is where you’ll draw your first line.

3. Draw a short, straight line a few millimetres in length. You can go as long or as short as you like but keep it as straight as possible!

4. Next, you’re going to imagine another straight line, connecting the end of the line you’ve just drawn to your upper lash line.

5. The temptation to draw a curved line will be strong here, but try to resist. Draw this line as straight as possible – you’re simply going from the line you’ve just drawn and stopping when you hit your top lash line, and you should be left with a triangle.

6. Time for the fun part – fill in your lovely triangle. You can’t go wrong here (I hope).

7. Complete the line by drawing a thin line from your inner corner outwards, until you meet your wing.

8. Taking a black eye pencil (preferably something soft), line your top water line and any gaps in between your lashes to get your winged liner as black as possible. Curl your lashes, stick some mascara on and you’re DONE!

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